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  1. In the electricity part of the AP style problems, I think there is an error for #8. I think the initial current is 0.6 instead of .75. Shouldn't R2 and R4 be in series? Then, R24 (combined) would be 2R. R234 (combined) would be in paralled and be 2R/3. Then, the Req would be R1+R234 (R+2R/3) which is 5R/3. Then wouldn't the current be 3/5? Not .75.
  2. For #2 of the Gravity part of the AP style problem, I'm not sure why speed has to increase in order to increase the radius. I thought speed has to decrease because of the inverse relationship with radius according to the derived equation, v = square root of Gm/r.
  3. For #14 of the circular motion & rotation part of the AP style problems, for (c) why is the answer 2L/t instead of L/t? I don't understand why the L was doubled.
  4. For #15 of the Dynamics part of the AP style problems, why can't we use mgsin instead of Normal force, AND why can't we use mgcos for Normal force - why do we have to derive another one.