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About this blog

A fun new blog on the A Plus Physics website that will test if anybody actually uses the site anymore! Tune in every Monday to read my stimulating thoughts such as “Is Resident Evil 6 truly a Resident Evil game, or just a really really bad impersonation of one?”

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Featured Features!

anybody else love these classic forum emoticons? They’re so corny yet I love them anyways. anyways, I was wondering. What’s your favorite feature of this site? Mine is the badge system, a bit generic but I love it nonetheless. My hope is to collect all the badges one day.

Physics Test Tomorrow: How I feel

Hello all, you’re in for a treat with the first blog post in *checks notes* FIVE YEARS? Well, I suppose this will be relevant enough. I’ve discovered the site through my physics regents review book, and the big day is soon upon me: tomorrow, in fact, is my Physics regents. I hope I do well! I realize it isn’t a Monday, but I felt inclined to share. have a great day to you all, and enjoy this meme.
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