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8 Gold Rings like i'm Shabba Ranks




It has come to my attention that a man by the name of "A$AP Ferg" has crafted a musical piece of art to help represent who i am and what i stand for. Ferg's song, Shabba, is a wonderful depiction of my everyday life; and for that reason exactly i decided to make a blog post regarding the physics of my dope style.

Consider this:

Ferg raps that he wears eight gold rings, four gold chains, and one gold tooth in an attempt to be like me. Lets take a closer look as this. Gold, being a fairly dense metal, is not light. Gold rings can weigh anywhere from 3 to 7 Grams (For this example lets say a single ring weighs 4 grams). Gold chains can really be almost any weight you want, but a sensible chain id wear would weigh about 40 grams. Finally, a gold tooth could weigh about 3 grams.

Lets do some simple calculations:

  • Gold rings: 4g x 8 = 32g -----> .032 kg
  • Gold chains: 40g x 4 = 160g -----> .16 kg
  • Gold tooth: 3g -----> .006kg

All together ferg wears about .198kg of gold as he cops my swag.

But lets go a little further: if we take the weight we found above and multiply it by the acceleration due to gravity (10 m/s/s) you'll find that A$AP Ferg is weighed down by a constant net force of about 1.98 Newtons just due to the gold he wears.

Heres a list of some foods that weight about the same amount.

  • 2 apples
  • 2 hamburgers
  • 4 sticks of butter
  • 1 large bar of chocolate
  • 4 chicken fingers (Arby's)
  • 2 bagels (Bruegger's)
  • 4 scrambled eggs (McDonalds)

Among those, here's some amounts of US currency that also weighs about 2 newtons.

  • 204 dollar bills
  • 100 dimes
  • 40 nickels
  • No one cares about pennys

In conclusion, I think it goes without saying that the amount of gold A$AP Ferg wears is impressive. Imagine if you had to carry around 4 scrambled eggs with you all day every day. Not only would that get annoying, but it'd be SUPER messy!

I hope you enjoyed this Shabba- Related physics post. If you would like to hear the song that i am referring to in this post (Shabba- A$AP Ferg) you'll have to find that on your own. It can not be posted on this site and shouldn't be viewed by anyone underage due to the explicit nature of language used. I may be Shabba Ranks but i still have class!

With love, your friend


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