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Elephant Pee?



I recently read an interesting article that explored the question "How fast does an elephant pee?"

David Hu has a so called "Law of Urination" that says all mammals relieve themselves in the same amount of time. An elephant has a bladder that is almost two feet tall and holds a lot of urine. The amazing part of his experiment isn't in the fact that an elephant can hold approximately 42.3 gallons of urine, but in the idea that the elephant can empty his bladder in teh same amount of time as a 20 pound dog.

As a physics student, I realized that it would make sense in the idea of the urine accelerating toward the earth at 9.81 m/s^2, but does the force at which said animal projects it's urine matter? The answer: No. Just like many of the questions we have already answered, if we dropped two balls from the Eiffel tower, one with a weight of 30 grams and one with a weight of 140 grams, they would both reach the ground at the same time regardless of the initial downward force.

I swear that I was not trying to gross everyone out... I just found this to be very interesting. For more information visit:



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