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A week ago today, the physics students sported their freshly made catapults. Loading and firing them,the softballs sometimes fired backwards, down, or straight up.

So how did the armies of the middle ages perfect the art of catapults and trebucehts?

I'm sure there was a bit of trial and error involved.

The final form, however, was truly a deadly weapon. Easily 5 times larger than our flimsy 2x4 catapults, this massive trebuchet (at the Château des Baux, France) could send hundreds of pounds of pure boulder into the air, knocking down anything in its path (including walls).


Trebuchets aren't completely out of style, however.

At the annual Punkin-Chunkin event held in Delaware, the current distance record is a whopping 2835.8 ft. (864.35 metres). The 51-foot-tall (16 m), 55,000-pound (25,000 kg) trebuchet flings the standard 8–10-pound (3.6–4.5 kg) pumpkins. (Wikipedia)

2835 ft is no joke. Some runways aren't that long. The CN Tower in Toronto is only 1800 feet tall. That's quite the distance for a pumpkin.


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