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Physics of throwing a snowball



When the first snow of the year comes, we all make that first snowball. And getting into a snowball fight is a staple of the winter season. A lot of people I know can't throw very well or cant throw at all. I tell them that because of all the things we learned in physics, we can fix the way they throw a snowball so they can become a better thrower. First, throwing the snowball at a 45 degree angle will maximize the distance of the snowball. Along with that, having a good follow through will ensure that you can hit your target. And finally, the greater the force that is applied into throwing the ball, the faster the ball will go and impact the target harder.

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Oooh, cool (get it... cool?)  So then what happens when the snowball impacts its target?  That's a collision, right?  conservation of momentum?

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