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I'm already "that guy"



I'm taking ap-c physics because ecology didn't fit into my schedule. My counselor said it was a good choice because I was such a boss in ap-b. I like to emphasize the word "free" in free period and not do my homework. I hope to get a passing grade out of ap-c this year and not be completely bored doing it. I'm most excited for chilling after the ap. I'm most anxious about doing my summer project and reading my summer book. I am yet to show up on time to mr. Fullerton's room yet, and I plan to keep this streak up for 180 more days. Deep down, mr f looks forward to ninth period because I make him smile. Last but not least, I have a very serious condition that controls my entire life: senioridis. :cool:


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hmm i wonder who you could be? and i pretty much agree with you...oh btw you total stole my name, i had it typed into the name selection thing but was like ahh no i dont want to be that guy

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