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Physics in AVP



blog-0449252001390567283.pngIn the early movie of Alien vs Predator, it shows the head predator having hand to hand combat with one of the fearsom Xenomorph species, but how is he able to combat such a beast? Well, the predator wiould have to use as much work as possidle into moving these serpents into a stone collum. this would be apllied by using his amount of force done onto himself and the Xenomorph as well as the displacement the hunter pushes the serpent into the stone collum. Fast fowarding to te near end of the film where the last hunter combats the Xenomorph queen with the human, Alexa. This hunter had used his total amount of power and energy to drive his spear into the the side of the queen's head. However the queen aplied force into her spiked tail to implant the hunter, resulting in his death. Lex used her remaining work to bring the queen's chain into a broken water tower, and used enough force and time off the ground to collaps the tower, brining the queen to the cold alaskain water.


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