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  1. In the recent installments in the captain America movies, we see the captain using his shield to knock out the Nazi's during Wii but how doesn't it kill them. as we have seen in the movies when he throws his shield hard, newton's third law states that the amount of force is equal to the thing it transfers its energy to. so as the captain throws hard, the shield should have enough force to decapitate the enemy. also when Peggy shoots cap's shield, it makes a large vibrating sound. this is because the lognioitutional waves in the combustion form a mechanical wave, which is moving left and right in terms of the wave pattern. thank you for listening in the physics in captain America
  2. for those who may have seen rise, you might have known of the famous scene when ceaser, an intelligent ape rises against his abusive care taker and says "NO!!!" and smacks out the care taker, but how is this done. well first he had to apply as much force and acceleration into the shock stick in order to knock him out . and when ceaser took him to an ape cage and freed his fellow apes the caretaker wakes up and tries to shock each of the apes, before ceaser sprays him with a hose, killing him. you see the combination of the electricity and water increase the voltage tenfold, which is enough to kill a man. thank you for this enlightening discussion
  3. Throughout the Iron Man franchise, tony stark uses an arc reactor to stop shrapnel from piercing his heart, but how is this done. well to begin with, when yinsen attach a magnet tostark's chest to use the laws of manitism. by having the electromagnet facting the south side , it allowed the shrapnel to stop moving towards his heart and move still facing the magnet. even still when stark made an upgraded arc reactor and told pepper to help him fix it into his chest. when pepper removed the magnet while trying the shrapnel continued its cource. however when she put the new reactor in, it acted as an amplified magnet by completely stoping the shrapnel while still being mobile.
  4. Donoghue117

    300 Physics

    To those who have watched the movie, 300, little did viewers aware on how the Spartans deliver their epic moments throughout the film. the most known moment in 300 is when king Leonidas kicks the Persian messenger to a mysterious hole. to kick the messenger, the king would have applied so much potential energy into his foot and transferred his kinetic energy onto the Persian, resulting in him falling into the cavern. another moment in 300 is at the Hot Gates when the 300 Spartans pushed the Persian army off a cliff. you see, the Spartans exerted as much net force into their own shields and their combined weight and pressure that exerted their friction force onto the Persian army. now at the end of the film, king Leonidas thrown his spear at the Persian king Xerxes, cutting the side of his jaw. the king relied on his angled projectile in his spear and depended on the acceleration from his arm that transferred to the spear. then the spear applied much friction force on Xerxes with the net force and acceleration resulting in his lip torn.
  5. Donoghue117

    Ryse Physics

    In the new game Ryse:Son of Rome, Roman General, Marius Titus defends rome from Barbarion invaders through catapults and archers. But how do these weapons work? To start off, archers need the amount of power with their work and time to arm the bows and convert all their remaining potential energy to aim for the Barbarians. They then release all their energy out of kinetic energies to fire the arow to the Barbarian. The catapults have to do with launching their projectiles at the right angle to fire their targets more efficiently. They must determine the distance the bolder will go at a specific angle in order to launch at the precise location. Afterwards, Marius confronts Emperor Nero, who of which had Marius' family murdered, and then applied all much work as he could muster by pushing Nero with enough force and distance from the ground and into the floor bellow, killing him instantly.
  6. In the Famous film trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, specifically the last film Éowyn of Rohan fought the evil Witch King of Agmar by confronting both him and his Fell Beast. To kill Agmar's beast, Éowyn applied force with the weight of her sword and the speed sshe applies into the creatur's head, chopping it off. Then Agmar applies all his remainimg work and energy into his mace to accselerat it towards Éowyn and with enough force, destroys her shield. Agmar then chokes her almost to death until Merry stabes the Witch King in the back with his momentum and impluse to drive it into his back. Finally as the Lady of Rohan reviealed herself as a women, she applies force into her sword and stabs Agmar's face, causing him to wimper to death. Thank you for reading of how Agmar's fall revolves around physics for everything involes physics in its own way.
  7. In the new video game, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, you pilot a pirate brige armed with cannons as it raids other ships across the carribean. To attack these ships you must have your projectiles alligned with a good 45 degree angle to have the cannon balls fire at their highest angle to evade the waves. Once a ship a boardable you crew gives off enough work with their amount of force and distance needed to throw their hooks to attach the two ships to board. Some Ships apply an increasing acceleration in their head bow in order to ram you with enough speed. Ships who ram need enough momentum with their mass and speed as its collides with the other ship. thank you for viewing how physics applies with this chapter of Assassins Creed.
  8. In the early movie of Alien vs Predator, it shows the head predator having hand to hand combat with one of the fearsom Xenomorph species, but how is he able to combat such a beast? Well, the predator wiould have to use as much work as possidle into moving these serpents into a stone collum. this would be apllied by using his amount of force done onto himself and the Xenomorph as well as the displacement the hunter pushes the serpent into the stone collum. Fast fowarding to te near end of the film where the last hunter combats the Xenomorph queen with the human, Alexa. This hunter had used his total amount of power and energy to drive his spear into the the side of the queen's head. However the queen aplied force into her spiked tail to implant the hunter, resulting in his death. Lex used her remaining work to bring the queen's chain into a broken water tower, and used enough force and time off the ground to collaps the tower, brining the queen to the cold alaskain water.
  9. The the new movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, a short segment in the film mention Bard the Bowman's ancestor, Girion failed to kill the dragon, Smaug with the Black Arows, but how? well for starters, Girion failed to properly allign the longbow to a good 45 degree angle so he can launch the projectile accuratly. also he needed to apply more force on the black arrows so that newton's third law may apply so that the amount of force Girion put into the arrows would have an equal amount once piercing the dragon's hide, preventing it from destroying the city of Dale. However, Bard will rectify this mistake by providing more work into the last black arrow with the speed of his hast to get the arrow onto the bow and having the proper potential energy needed to fire the arrow at smaug's weak spot.
  10. Within the dawn of the 18th century, men and women of the Caribbean combated the greatest European empires like British Spanish and French using their need of cannon velocity and angled projectiles. pirates fires their cannons with a large angle of 45 degrees to make it more efficient to raid military vessels like Man o' wars. the cannons had a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s2 for the cannons eventually fall to the earth's surface or to the military ship. by doing so these pirates gain bounty to gain riches from these empires and also they use mortars to destroy enemy forts through their free fall rate from a fired initial velocity then takes a second rest to an acceleration rate of also 9.81m/s2 to hit the forts. by using these weapons, these men and women became the most feared humans at the 17th century like Blackbeard and Benjamin horniguld.
  11. Within the covenant Empire's great war-machines one holds the greatest effect on the battlefield, the wraith. it is armed with a mortar that fires with a highest degree angle of 45 degrees with a initial velocity of zero vertically to provide a large distance horizontally. the wraith 's horizontal velocity counts for how high the initial vertical velocity is to provide a killing blow on human forces. the covenant wraith is the most dangerous weapon in the covenant army for its killing accurate need for velocity and time for the wraith mortars take a minute long to reach its target location. next time the humans encounter the mighty covenant wraith they will think only one thing as they see it: RUN!
  12. All a cross history the assassin brotherhood have hunted the twisted templar order through many forms of assassinations. They rely on their acceleration and distance in order to proform a quick assassinations. One of their techniques is an air assassination which is made through their initial velocity and time in seconds to assassinate a templar. they leap of high places with a prabola shaped air assassinations. One of their most deadly tools of assassinations is the rope dart which uses force to pull a guard from rest and into the ground within seconds. these small tachtics have made the Asssassin's creed the most feared brotherhood in all of gaming history.
  13. Donoghue117

    Physics of Biking

    wouldnt vectors be used for biking as well because it is moving in diffrent directions and it has magnitude for how long the biking goes for a certian time. its similar to Vi Vf d A T formate for finding time traveled while biking, or finding the mangitude of the acceleration of the bike.
  14. Donoghue117


    how about using ascelleration of how fast the cheerleaders are going when they do moves like pushing someone in the air for a fantsy trick. wouldnt their ascelleration increase at first the as the cheerleader repells down to the ground the asceleration then dcreses.
  15. In the Halo Universe, the main foe in this Xbox game is the Covenant Empire, a Collection of alien species hellbent on humankinds destruction. They are equiped with supperheated plasma, which is like laser teachnology uised in physics. one species is the Sangheili. they are stronger as in combat, which their friction force is ten times faster than that of humans. they are equiped with advance ships that repell the force of the earth. these ships are equiped with slipspace jump, which increase the ascelleration of any object a thousand fold, trasporting then to diffrent planets. their dropships use the property of vectors to trasport troops to the battlefield by directing the ships into enemy lines. and that is brief need to know physics about the great enemies of the Halo Universe.
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