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Why students (like me!) abhor E&M



The average AP Physics student enjoys the course until one thing hits....electrostatics. It is doable, but it is much different from the usual "block slides down the incline" norm.

What makes it so weird, intangible, and seemingly impossible when one moves on to magnetism, electromagnetic induction, and other hellishly sounding topics?

My understanding is simply that you can do the following:

-Touch an object

-Throw, drop, kick, or destroy an object

-Feel gravity and gravitational fields

But you CAN'T do these things:

-Feel an electric field (unless you have the right supplies)

-Touch point charges, electrons (don't get too technical here), protons and a "coulomb".

-Throw, drop, kick, or destroy electricity.

We understand gravity simply because we're feeling it right now. Electric fields are ALSO bombarding you at the moment, but you don't feel them consciously.

The lack of visualization readily available to the everyday E&M contributes to the hatred of the topic.

Rightly so, E&M. Go shock someone else.

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