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Five things you didn't know about...the Moon!



The boring white orb that aimlessly spirals around Earth hasn't been stepped on by man since Apollo 17.

But that doesn't mean we're done with it...at all. Here are five things that you (maybe) didn't know about our one and only moon:

1) NASA plans to send a satellite to the lunar surface and dig deep enough in hopes of finding...you guessed it..water! They speculate that there is a frozen layer of it underneath the surface.

2) The Moon will eventually leave us. Using laser reflections from mirrors left on the moon by Apollo missions, scientists have accurately determined the distance between Earth and the moon. Inching away, tides will become weaker, and solar eclipses won't be a thing. This will happen in a short billion years!

3) Alan Shepard played golf on the moon. Swinging a 6 iron, he launched the golf ball over hundreds of yards.


4) The moon, when facing the sun, is over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't bring layers.

5) The moon, when NOT facing the sun, is under -200 degrees Fahrenheit. BRING LAYERS!


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When I saw this post on the main page the "n" in moon was cut off so I thought it was going to be a blog post about cows and I got really excited. But I guess this is pretty cool too. :rolleyes:

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