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Physics of backing the Car out



Seeing as how I had been driving today I had been playing with physics a lot today. As you know when you are driving you generally have to deal with backing out a car on a reasonable amount of time. So when I was getting ready to help my father move cars earlier I had unintentionally used Physics. I had been doing a small kinematic equation problem without even knowing it. So this is how I used physics earlier today.

II had been doing a kinematic equation using horizontal kinematics. I knew I had to move a distance of about 7 meters and I started at 0 m/s and I finished at 4m/s. I was not in any rush to get out of the driveway. Although I had to find the time it took me to do this. since I didn't have a stop watch I could solve for my time with a simple equation from the reference table.

This is how physics are present in backing the car out of your driveway.


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