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Physics of doing the Super Pipe in the X games



As you may know the winter X games are currently taking place. The event is taking place in Aspen, Colorado and there is physics present in every event that takes place. Such as the Super pipe which combines flips and grabs with heights of up to 15 feet. There is physics in figuring out how many flips a rider can get in before they have to land their snowboard again. Many of the riders are able to get a 1080 which is the equivalent of 3 spins in the air. Some of the riders can even get 2 to 3 flips in a single jump. The physics that is taking place in this is that riders must go a speed that will allow them to get a height that can get them a good trick. As well as they fight gravity to push the boundaries of the tricks that they are able to do. This is how these athletes are using physics to try and win the competitions that they are entered in.



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