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The Midterm (dun dun dunnnn)



The Physics-C midterm approaches.

While frantically searching the depths of my mind (and the internet) for an idea for my last blog post, I looked up to realize the time and scolded myself for not finishing these blog posts earlier. Why do I always wait until last minute? This is time I could have used to study. :mellow:

So in a feeble attempt to finish in time to cram in some legit studying (because I don't think blog-post writing counts as studying) for both Econ and Physics tomorrow, I decided to write about the midterm and what I'm worried about/need to study, etc.

Let me start off by saying I am so so happy there is no E&M on this midterm. I'm definitely dreading the months to come in learning more about that subject, and having to take an entire exam on it in May. Yikes. :phew:

But luckily, our midterm is all Mechanics. Still, I definitely have a lot to be worried about. Most of what I'm nervous for is stuff we've learned this year, especially the long derivation-heavy physics-y type problems we'll have to do or know for the part two's. Just part two's in general, I know I'll have trouble with. I think the best way to remedy this would be not only to look over the practice FRQ's we've done, but also to look over the problems we've done in our notes and maybe try a few on my own.

I've noticed I also have trouble with vectors and dealing with things in more than one dimension or direction. I sometimes ignore things I'm not supposed to ignore or combine things I'm not supposed to combine or something along those lines.

I'll definitely have to look over those 2D momentum problems, for one thing. Also, dealing with real pulleys will inevitably throw me off. Moment of inertia problems, too.

As far as the multiple choice goes - I feel a little better about that, but still not super confident. I often make stupid mistakes, so I'll need to try to minimize those. And timing - I definitely need to watch out for that.

Okay, it's getting late so I'm going to wrap this up and squeeze in some last-minute studying before I crash for the night. :sleep: At least I don't have to worry about getting my blog posts done anymore! :thumbsu:

Good luck to all the physics students (regents and AP) taking their midterms this week! We're halfway there. (insert Bon Jovi jam session here).

Wow, I must be really overtired. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Until next time,

bazinga818 :ass:


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