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Reflection on Physics Class (third quarter)



Physics class is so interesting and attention grabbing to me. I enjoy physics class but only when I can totally understand what we're doing and what's going on. Right now we're working on circuits and electricity which I find really easy and fun. I like putting together circuits and seeing if they work or not. I like series circuits more than parallel circuits because it's easier to fill out the V IRP table than it is to fill out the table for a parallel circuit. Physics has been going fairly OK for me so far during the third quarter. I really tremendously appreciate the fact that Mr.Fullerton let us students make up the videos we'd missed over these past couple of weeks because I was behind on them but I'm all caught up now. I plan on doing really well on our next "celebration of learning" this week so that my grade can go up even higher. I plan on seeking extra help as well so that I can do my total best on each and every exam we have from now on, including the final exam :)


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