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Direct Proof of the Big Bang



I nearly forgot the story of the month! Or, at this piont, last month. St. Patrick's day to be exact.

Anyways, physicists have now detected direct proof of the big bang and, more specifically, inflation! I can't explain it very well, but my source is not cooperating, so I shall try. Because of the vast size of the universe, there hasn't been enough time for light and information to get from one end to the other. So how is it all the same temperature?

That's where inflation comes into play. As the less than a trillionth of a second old universe inflated faster than the speed of light, making everything in that huge range the same temperature. Any small fluctuations in the field blew up into huge structures of the universe. Now, researchers have detected the swirly polarization that would have happened to light in one of those fluctuations.

Meaning that we have now seen for the first time direct proof of inflation, and into the beginning of the universe itself.

But really, if you're at all interested, check this out and scroll to where you see the pictures


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