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The Physics of dunking on my brother



Although the hoop may only be 9.5 feet I still find the experience of dunking and hanging on the rim in his face one that is full of excitement and physics. The physics that take place is one that involves kinetics and waves. The kinetics that are involved use gravity, height, velocity and displacement to show how my little brother could get posterized. As I take off for my jump I have to get some speed so that I can jump about a foot or 2 in the air so that I can get the ball over the rim. Then when the ball goes through my net which has beads attached to it you can hear the beads make a sound that resonates in our driveway and the sound of the rim bending down. These transverse waves will be heard in our ears and those who walk past could hear it along with my laugh as I am pleased with dunking in his face.


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