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The physics of standing absolutely still



I'm sure that a majority of you guys reading these blogs know how physics works but I'm not sure that a great amount of you guys knew that physics never stops. Even if you stand exactly still there is still plenty of physics taking place all around you that effects you. Such as there is still the force of friction that helps you stand up. The force of friction from the tread of your shoes, socks, feet helps add a layer of resistance to the ground allowing you to remain standing upright and still. Also, there is the force of gravity. This is a constant force of 9.81 m/s that keeps you from floating into the atmosphere. So this force is one that pushes you down into the ground but there is also another force that is acting on you and that is the normal force of the ground. This normal force helps make it so that you don't fall through the floor so in reality this force is pushing back onto you at the same force that is being acted on you. This is how physics are present in standing absolutely still.


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