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Physics Helps Create Common Sense



In the beginning of the year, all of the students had to take a preassessment. Sitting down, I was nervous of what I would see once I opened the packet. Although everyone chose random answers so they could get it over with, I wanted to at least look at the questions given.

As I flipped through the pages, I saw questions that seemed surprisingly easy, but then I asked myself, "Is this a trick? Am I being punked? Where's Ashton?"

I continued looking through the test, and most of the questions with pictures and questions about the predicted path of an object still seemed very straight forward. I then sat there and answered all of them thinking, "This is common sense."

Looking back now, listening to Pirates of the Caribbean Film Scores, after learning a portion of the material, I know that most of the answers I chose regarding those questions were in fact correct. They seemed just like something testing me on common sense, and it was. I didn't know it but, i knew those parts of physics and it was something I didn't have to learn. It was just seeing if I knew any previous physics. Let's just hope the rest of physics isn't too difficult.


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