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Physics is everything



After school everyday I find my parents asking me "what'd you learn today?" For the past 5 years I've always been saying nothing. Although we do learn a lot everyday in school, I've never thought that any of it will help me in the real world therefore it seemed like unimportant information when outside the classroom. Throughout the first two months of school, I feel like I've learned a ton in physics class alone. I think that everything we've learned can actually apply to things outside the classroom, not just on the tests that we take.

First off, from the second I wake up, physics does it's thing. When standing out of bed, I've learned that the bed applies just as much force to me as I apply to the bed. Because my bed has more mass then I do, I move and it stays put. The same goes for everything I touch throughout the day, everything applies forces right back. Before physics, I never really thought about things this way. So far, it has been my favorite science class of high school because it makes sense to me since I can think about parts of physics with everything I do. I hope that we learn more about the physics of sound because now I'm a lot more curious about the things that I do on a daily basis.


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