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Video game physics



So a while ago i was playing a video game called sniper elite v2 and upon playing that game i came to realize that there is alot of physics that goes into fireing a sniper especially from long distances because not only do you have massive amounts of initial horizontal velocity that the bullet travels at but as the bullet is affected b gravity it gets pulled down no matter the amount for force it has because gravity pulls everything down no matter how fast it is going at the same rate as everything else of course that means you usually have to have the bullet travelling at an angle by aiming higher up then the target usually and it also shows how horizontal velocity is not affected by gravity although it is affected by air resistance.

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I think it is fascinating matt that we we can shoot snipers as fire as we can and at the speed we can shoot them at. The cool part about shooting a sniper is that we can drop a soccer ball at the same time as we shoot the sniper and that both will hit the ground at the same time.

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