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    space is very interesting mainly because of how different it is compared to earth which makes since but what's very interesting is how some waves are able to pass through the reaches of space while other waves are not able to like light waves are able to go from the sun to us with no problem but sound waves it is impossible for the waves to go through space and that is because in the world there are mechanical waves like sound would be one and that means they need a medium to travel through to carry the energy like on earth they would be air generally but in space there is no medium for it to travel through however something like light is an electromagnetic wave which means it can travel even if it doesn't have a medium this is why we are able to get light from the sun.
  2. thephysicsguy


    magnets are pretty cool and when I was young I used to always try and push two poles together but they would always repel and I wondered why but now I know and here I am ready to explain it to you. The reason why the repel is because you are trying to push 2 like poles together and that doesn't work because they don't attract because positive and positive or negative and negative don't attract and they get positive or negative based on if there more protons or electrons if you wanted them to attract you would have to flip one of them because then the protons and electrons would attract and they would stick together
  3. thephysicsguy


    waterfalls are pretty amazing just to begin with especially if you look at something like Niagara falls with the sheer size of it and how much water goes down it however there is quite a lot of physics that waterfalls create when thing is sound and they produce a lot of it and in a lot of place like when it falls and hits the water below it and also when its moving hit the rocks on the sides of it and even just the water hitting each other while its moving ends up producing a lot of sound but also when it goes down the waterfall and hits the water at the bottom it also produces waves because of the amount of energy it hits the water with it transfers it and the displacement causes the waves to appear which make even more noise as well because of it.
  4. lets go back to the basics with kinematics and newton's laws. lets go with throwing a ball when you throw a ball you give it a certain speed and you are also standing a certain distance away from the other person you are throwing the ball to and you can get time using a stopwatch with that you can calculate a variety of different things like the speed when it was initially thrown or the speed when it went into the other persons glove but also when the ball hits the other persons glove and they catch it the ball is transferring energy not only that but the ball and glove are also exerting the same force on each other as well.
  5. thephysicsguy


    I'm sure you notice that when something that has a siren like a fire truck drives by you it seems so much louder when it is driving right past you then when it is driving away from you this happens because of something called the Doppler effect because if the siren and you were both still you get frequency that hits your ears at the same time intervals however when it starts moving towards you the sound waves get closer and closer so you experience the waves in shorter time intervals which make it seem like the siren is louder then it actually is.
  6. you know that saying you always hear about space when somebody says in space no one can hear you scream well that is true and there's physics to support that it is because when you scream you produce a longitudinal sound wave now the thing about sound it needs a medium to travel through here on earth that's generally the air however in space there is no air and no other type of medium for the sound wave to travel through so even if someone was just a foot away from you they couldn't hear you because sound is a mechanical wave so its needs a medium however light rays could still go through without a medium so at least you can look at the sun while trying to scream.
  7. thephysicsguy


    remeber when slinkies used to be the best thng and they would be somuch fn until they got tangled up then it would be a nightmare. However when i was young i didnt knowthat when i was playing with myslinky i was producing what waves look like because if you shake a slinky then it will move down the slinky with a fixed speed and a height based one how quicjly you move the slinky back and forth and this is becuase the waves speed is fixed because amplitude and wavelength and inversly proportinate to eachother not only that but if it has enough energy and someone is holeding the other side then it will reflect off of the other side and then the wave will start coming back towards you and continue to transfer energy until it dies out.
  8. so i realized there is alot of physics at work while driving a car like kinematics because you are changing your acceleration and velocity when you press the gas and also the brakes and also because you are moving the car is also doing work and power as well.
  9. So generally when i have an object with a string attached to it i like to spin it around my thumb because it gives me something to do and i noticed that the object gets faster the more the string goes around my thumb the faster it goes and thats because of the centripical accleration increases because the radius is decreasing nad the velocity is staying the same so the centripical accelertaion is increasing
  10. so i was playing middle earth shdow of mordor and i realized that there is many kinematics in there like when you jump down from the forge tower and land perfectley fine even though velocity is increasing untl you land and then come to a sudden stop and we can calculate his velocity by using kinematics because we know the acceleraton and we can calculate the time and distance and also the intal velocity and by using that we can find the final velocity.
  11. so during gym we went to the fitness room were we had to do weights and for me attempting to do weights but it made me thin about work and the work that i do while trying to lift the weights and we can calculate the work i did by using the formula W = FD and by doing that we can calculate the amount of joules of work i did and with that we can also find power by dividing the worki did by the amount of time it took me and i can calculate the amount of power in watts i did.
  12. So i was playing the video game resident evil 5 with a friend a few weeks again and on the last mission chris punches and pushes a giant boulder out of the path and into lava so you can use it as a bridge. now ths sounds ridiculous because thanks to physics and newton we learn that the boulder would act with the same amount of force on his hand that he puts on the boulder so his hand should have eaisly been broken and it should have been basically impossible for him to move the boulder and get across and when he tried to push it he shouldnt have had the force to push t either because of the large mass of the boulder.
  13. thephysicsguy

    Field Goal

    kicking a field goal has quite a few elements of physics involved some of those are gravity which wants to push the ball back down to earth but you also give it a horizontal accleration and a vertical velocity when you kick it and ou also got to make sure to hit it at the right ngle because that decides how much speed the ball will have in eaither direction and other factors like if you hi it higher it will tay in the air for longer but it probally wouldnt go as far but it is also affected by many outside forces like air resistance and also wind can have a huge affect and can change velocity depending on were the winds are pushing.
  14. i always find it intersting how bullets are affected so much by physics even if they are moving at great peeds.
  15. i never knew the bowling ball had a core for rotationi find that interesting and how it affects the ball.
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