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Physics in Ice-Skating!

Peter Martin


If you are going ice-skating, you are simulating what it is like to live without friction, at least some of the time. Ice-skating is fun because most who do it know how to stop or at least control themselves so they don't run into anyone! Many people do not like to ice-skate because they are afraid that they will fall. This is because when you fall you are falling onto a surface which is very dense and will not be easily pushed and take some of the impact.

When I ice-skate with my family on our pond at Hamlin the ice is irregular unless my dad clears the snow everytime it snows. When ice is irregular it can cause your iceskates to move slower and for your ice-skate to get caught. If your feet get caught you accelerates the forward force gets transferred into downward force because the top half of your body is still moving with the same amount of force though your lower body has been stopped.

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