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The Physics of Wrestling



Wrestling is a very fun sport that I enjoy taking part in. It takes a lot of work, however it is completely worth it and it is very fun. There is a lot of physics taking place in wrestling. One example is when two wrestlers are in neutral or standing position. While wrestling the two wrestlers when fighting for hand control will often be banging heads or putting pressure on each others' foreheads. The force that one applies on the other will always be the same as the force that the head applies back. Another instance we see physics in wrestling is when a wrestler is in the down position and is trying to stand up. The top man is applying pressure trying to keep the bottom man down by doing moves such as a spiral ride or a chop, while the bottom man is applying pressure to try and stand up. Sometimes the bottom man will begin to stand up and the top man is forced to mat return the bottom man, lifting him up in the air and sweeping his legs to return him to the mat. Once the wrestler is in the air if the top man returning him lets him fall applying no other force, he will fall with an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 due to gravity. During wrestling there is a lot of forces being applied between the two wrestler and a lot of physics explain how many moves work and how they respond to them.


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