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Physics in running



As Mr. Fullerton says, and as I have mentioned before, physics can be found in virtually every activity we partake in. Running is one such activity that one can find components of physics if they look for them. I enjoy running but I have never taken the time to consider the physics within it, until now. For one, Newton's laws can be found in running. Newton's Second Law is proved through running for as I move my legs faster, push off the ground harder, taking longer strides, I find myself able to accelerate and run at a much quicker pace. According to Newton, it is the force exerted that causes a change in velocity. Hence, why me exerting more force or pushing off the ground harder and moving my legs faster results in me being able to run faster. This is very beneficial to know for when I am running while playing sports, I know how to make my body work to accelerate more quickly. Newton's Third Law can also be found in running for as I run, the pavement is acting upon my feet with the same force my feet are acting upon the pavement. It is interesting to think about how objects we touch, even if they are small, act on us with the same force we act upon them with.


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