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Ice Cream



I'm sure I can speak for almost everybody (except those with the poor lactose intolerant lifestyle), but ice cream is the single best thing on this Earth. Working in an ice cream parlor is not something that aids in stopping this type of addiction as well. But besides hopelessly staring at ice cream when work gets slow (as it is the middle of January), it's interesting to see all of the physics that can occur in one simple motion; scooping it. While ice cream freezes and collects ice and freezer burns over time, the longer it has been sitting, or the colder the freezer is, it becomes difficult to scoop. So here's a tip for anyone that's craving ice cream, but has to wait for it to thaw once taking it out of the freezer to scoop. Instead of waiting, and only intensifying your craving, take a scoop/spoon and run it under warm water, not only will the heat from the spoon then help to quickly slide through the ice cream, but the warm water acts as a natural lubricant as well, creating less friction between the two opposing surfaces. So go ahead, feed that addiction. :cool:

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