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  1. Sounds like fun! Hope you enjoyed your time in Jacksonville!
  2. So glad we got to go to Italy together <3
  3. Great post Ky! Hope I get lost in a forest with you to help us get out
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH!!! I hope Mr. Fullerton does some studying
  5. So far this year, I have to say my favorite lesson this year is went we were working with the machine that shocked us when we touched it. I thought this was enjoyable becaue it was very funny to watch people get shocked when they went to touch or even kiss the Van de Graff Generator. I think the created a very enjoyable setting to learn about how proton, and electrons interact between each other, and what pain they an create when they or not ground. I personally tried touchig the machine and I quickly pulled my hand away because it hurt so bad! But some people were brave enough to go ahead and kiss the thing... I would never. I also found it so fascinating how we all could hold hands as a class and send one huge shock through all of use. I never knew soemthing was possible. But his wwas my favorite demonstration for a class period. I thought it also helped expand my knowledge on how proton, neutrons and electrons interect!
  6. Lacrosse is a very physical and rough sport. People are always getting checked, pushed and tripped. I myself have taken many falls throughout the years I have been playing lacrosse, but Annie B takes harder falls then I ever have! One of Annie's most famous falls is when she was running very very fast and then from behind a girl cross checked her in the back and then... SMACK Annie's face smacked down on the ground. But as always Annie's stood up with a smile on her face and laughing. But, Annie's fall has allowed me to write this blog post because she fell and this connects to projectiles. We can assume that Annie fell at 9.81 m/s2 due to gravity. Also, Annie runs faster then normal humans, it might take her 10 seconds to run 100m. With this information, we can determine how far Annie ran and then if we know how long it took her to fall.. about .5 seconds we can determine her velocity while running and her velocity while falling. While she is running, we can use the equation v= d/t to determine her velocity, so v = 100//10s she runs at a speed of 10m/s which is pretty fast ( and I'm just guessing). Also is we know she fell with an acceleration of 9.81m/s2 and it took .5 seconds for her to hit the ground. We can determine her velocity while falling. a= v/t and rearrange it to v= at so (9.81m/s2)(.5s) which is about 5 m/s... ouch she falls fast and hard! Well Annie's falls are only part of how entertaining she is to watch aside from her amazing skills!
  7. For those you that don't know, Hannah O'Neil has an amazing singing voice. Before every home game, she sings the national anthem, and it makes me so happy and gets me ready to play. Because of sounds waves, I am lucky enough to hear her. Sound waves are mechanical waves that are detected by the hairs in our inner ears. Sound waves can travel through air, water, steel and wood. But I like when Hannah is standing directly near me singing to me. However, if I am not lucky enough to have her standing right next to me, I can still hear her from a distance apart even if I cant see her. Therefore, we can use the equation, v= distance/ time to determine how far away Hannah is from me. In STP, sound moves at 331m/s and if it takes me .25 second to hear her voice from the moment she begins singing, I can determine how far away from me she is from me. By rearranging the equation to, distance = velocity X time, (331m/s)(.25s) Hannah is about 83 meters from me. Although not an ideal situation, but her beautiful voice allows me to hear her even when far away!
  8. Awesome Connection Quinn. Playing lacrosse is so much fun! especially with you
  9. We have recently studied the concept of circuits. there are parallel and series cicuits. In the parallel circuit in one of the circuts breaks then the circuit continues to work fully. However, in a series circuit, if one part of the circuit breaks the whole things stops. Well, in the beginning of march we had our morning sessions for lacrosse. Some days we would do circuit workouts. We had 6 different stations and with in our groups we had to all do the different work outs together and try to motivate eachother. I belive in this team situations we are a series circuit. This is becasue, we are only as strong as our weakest link. In the circuits, we all have to work our hardest for the one minute we are doing that one exercise. But, we all have to stay strong becasue the moment one of us starts to complain or gives up, we all fall apart and loose sight of the ultimate goal. We all have to work together and stay strong just like a series circut if we want to win. Becasue if not, we do not have the sucess we want! Go Lady Eagles Lax
  10. Wow DJ youre so "wavy" cool way to connect to your fly style. haha
  11. Over Spring Break I was fortunate enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean and travel through out Italy. For the last few days we spent our itme in Venice. If you do not know, Venice is a cluter of islands and is then called a region of Italy. Aside from its beauty and uniqueness, there is a lot of physics in the water surrouding the islands. The days we had to travel off of the smaller islands we had to take a boat to one of the larger islands. Now I can barely stand riding shotgun in a car on the road without getting car sick. Now i am expected to ride over water and their waves and not throw up my breakfast. But I distracted myself with the beautiful sites around me. But also, looking back I could have practiced calculating the speed of the waves. This can be easily done by measuring the distance between the waves and how many times in completes a full cycle. With this information, I can easily use the equation. Velocity= frequency x Lambda. This will allow me to understand the physics behind the waves and just how many times I will feel the waves while I am riding in the boat. Maybe some how this information could help me not feel as sick while riding the waves!
  12. My friend Jamel and I were hanging out one day so we decided to go on a walk. We walked alll around town trying to find something fun to do. So we found this really high stair case with a plat form at the top. So we climbed up the super high structure and stood at the top. We climbed 15m and boy were we tired, however while we stood there to catch our breath, i realized we could figure out the amount of gravitational potential energy we each had. But i easily could calculate it. Well, the equation of PEg= mgh. If we plug in the missing information we can find out who has the most Jamel'sPEg=(90kg)(9.81m/s2)(15m)=13244J Katie's= (60kg)(9.81m/s2)(15m)=8829J. I guess Jamel has a lot more potential then I do but hey we cant win at everything.
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