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Weight lifting at Pcx



I go to a work out facility in Webster called PCX. Here we do a lot of weight lifting and agility. When I was there this week, I saw all the physics involved in weight lifting. When doing a hang clean, I must exert a force onto the bar in order to lift it up. As I exert a force in it, the bar exerts the exact same force onto me. Along with me putting a force onto the bar, I must do work on it. When I lift it up, I do work on the bar but when the bar is coming down, it is actually doing work on me. Gravity acts on the bar which in turn causes the bar to do work on me. Also, I must lift the bar with a certain amount of power. The power applied to the bar is the work/time. If I lift the bar faster, I will be lifting with less power. However if I do more work on it, the power will be greater.

When we run, we also incorporate physics. When we sprint, we start with an initial velocity of 0 but as we do more work, our speed increases and we go farther and faster. If we accelerate faster, our final speed when we sprint will be greater. Also, we will have more momentum. The momentum equation is P=mv therefore, if we go faster, our momentum will be greater. Pcx is filled with physics and you can increase your performance just by knowing basic physics.


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