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Gym Class heroes



Today in gym class, my team experienced a great deal of physics in the unit we just finished and my personal favorite, volleyball. Although we didn't have a team full of the best players, we had a lot of players who tried hard to help the team succeed. Most players on the court were experiencing physics while they were at it as well! Those who were moving around and were playing, were doing work on the ball and using their kinetic energy to do that work. The more power they had, the farther the ball went or the harder it carried itself through the air. Because i play volleyball as my main sport, I tried my best to come out on top and win the tournament (it helped that i had another fellow volleyball player on my team, Quinn). With all of the hard work we put in and energy we expended, we luckily ended up winning the whole tournament, when throughout the season earlier, my team didn't give a lot of effort, expend much energy or do a lot of work.


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