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For those who have not heard any of my released pieces of work, I am a classically trained clarinetist, with my prime playing coming from the year when I was about 11. Not much effort was put into the instrument afterwards, although I did have flashbacks when discussing the physics of how sound waves are created in instruments, although I still can't say I miss the clarinet enough to go back. Given that it is a wind instrument, players must blow air through the space between the mouthpiece itself and the wooden reed (which cooperates with the resonance in the instrument) that helps to create vibrations. This air movement sends a flow of pressure, above that of the atmosphere, creating a continuous vibrating power. This column of air vibrates much more easily at some frequencies than others, which in the end help to determine the pitch. Players can choose the different resonances by using a different combination of keys. So as much as I want to be humble, in 4th grade I really knew about my resonances.


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