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More Smash Bros Physics Cause I'm a Nerd



Super Smash Bros is my favorite video game of all time. In the game, you get launched into the air and killed by being thrown off stage past the side boundaries, being launched high enough to either smack the screen or pull a Team Rocket in the background, or by falling off the stage into the bottomless abyss that is the underside of the stage. However, the effects of the smash attacks that send you flying off can be negated, this is known as Vectoring. It is an advanced technique that perfectly relates to physics since it's about vectors and vectoring and the word vector. It is done by tilting the analog stick in the opposite direction that you were sent flying in, this lessens the effect of the attack and will stop you from flying and then move you back toward the stage. You can also change your downward falling speed to return to the stage quicker once you're back above it. The way vectoring works, I believe, is by making your fighter push forward with a force great enough to nullify the impact of the attack he/she was just struck by. Although I do not understand how the characters can do this, I'll just assume it's because it's a video game about flying to your death and this is just a cool technique to save your butt.


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