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The physics of Jump Roping



For lacrosse, our coach encourages people to jump rope in order to get "fast feet." As I was jump roping, I realized all of the physics that plays a role in this. I thought about how we are in the waves unit and I was creating a standing wave as I did my exercise. Afterwards, I wanted to calculate my velocity as I was jumping so I estimated that it took me 2 seconds for the rope to go around one time, and the distance of the rope was about 4 meters long. Using the equation velocity= distance/time, I could calculate that my velocity was 2m/s. Also, the force of gravity plays a role in jump roping as well. Gravity allows people to come straight back down after they have jumped into the air... which makes for a very strenuous exercise if done for even just a few minutes. There is physics to be found all over the place!!


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