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First Physics Blog



This is my first blog for AP Physics C, which I will hopefully update weekly throughout the upcoming school year.  Some of my activities outside of school include playing tennis, practicing the violin, and participating in the theater program at school.  When I am not participating in any of these activities, I am listening to music or hanging out with friends.  I have one younger sister who is now a freshman in high school, and she's pretty cool.  I am taking AP-C Physics because I was successful in and really enjoyed Physics B with Mr. Powlin last year.  That class was the first science where I really applied math to solve actual problems and began to understand certain mysteries and concepts that govern everyday life, which I found really fascinating.  I hope that AP-C Physics can help me expand on what I learned last year and prepare me for the rigor I should expect in college.  I definitely want to pursue a career in the science and/or math field, so I hope this class can give me insight to what I might study and experience in the future.  I am excited to take this course because I want to be challenged along with my friends; on that same token, I am a bit scared about what is to come in AP-C Physics, but I am sure that, no matter what, it will be a very rewarding year in this course.


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I think you'll enjoy AP Physics C.  It's the course where for the first time many students get to see what's referred to as the "beauty" of science, where the interconnectedness of so many topics you've been studying becomes visible.  Welcome to the course!  :jig:

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