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My first post



Welcome to my physics blog! this is the first of many more posts to come throughout the year as I take AP Physics C. in my free time I enjoy many different activities such as being with friends, playing videogames, playing or listening to music, and watching movies. I am taking AP Physics C this year because I wanted to challenge myself in a subject I enjoy. I have a big interest in math and science, and hope to go to college for some kind of engineering. haven't decided which yet. I like how my physics class is taught through videos and reading on our own time. it lets me go at my own pace and learn things kind of on my own rather than sitting though a long lecture from a teacher in front of a board talking the whole time while you write down pages of notes. I look forward to the rest of this year in physics! (for those wondering about my username, I wanted to make it some kind of bad pun)


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