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What really 'matters'



Think of the entire human race: hard to fathom, isn't it? Around 7 billion people of all different races and walks of life spread throughout globe. Okay... this is anthropology, not physics. WRONG! Instead, I am going to look on the atomic level of human life.

While the basis of the atomic model was being shaped and formed, scientist Ernest Rutherford conducted a gold foil experiment which proved that the atom is composed mostly of empty space.... Over 99% of the atom. While the nucleus exists in the center of the atom, electrons orbit at such a distance due to repulsion that creates the empty space of the atom.

Back on the topic of humans, think about how each human is made up of trillions of atoms, bonded together to form cells, fats, proteins, and other important molecules and substances. There are over 10e27 atoms in each human being. Now, take all of the atoms of the entire human race. If one took away all of the empty space for each atom and heavy-duty compressed the nuclei and electrons together... the super-atom would fit into the size of a sugar cube! That is how significant the empty space of atoms is! Due to the high density of this cube, it would weigh approximately 5 billion tons... of 10x the weight of the current human race!

To connect this to other physics topics, this is the sort of act that happens after certain supernovas, or explosions of stars. Supernovas form neutron stars, or a super-dense massive leftover of a previous star.

There you have it, the strange fact of atoms in the human race. Definitely something new for me also! Until next time, Fizzix community, until next time.


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