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The physics of doing physics



I go to take a nap. I think, “This week’s is over. I made it through! I deserve this nap!†But, no. This week has one final blow to deal. Physics blogs. So I meander my way to a computer sit down and begin questioning how I am going to complete this in time. The stress builds and I feel my body heating up with anxiety and a sweat starting. Right as I am about to write about “Deflate Gate†and continue beating the dead horse of a subject this has become I realize; I AM PHYSICS. The heat! It’s internal energy. The sweat! It’s heat transfer. All of these things are physics!

Now let’s explain. The heat created from my body is the energy of reactions inside of my body giving off heat. And the sweat this is helping with heat transfer, the water in my skin is increasing the surface are so the cooler air around me can more easily take away the heat from my body, getting me down to a more comfortable temperature.


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