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  1. I agree with studying particles colliders because it will allow for advancements in technologies, medical fields and our understanding of how the world works. with a further understanding of how hadrons and leptons work and make up everything we know we can find ways to advance technology and be able to one day make things weightless using the Higgs Bozon. it can also be used in medical devices and in national security. all these things show it is worth our while to continue studying particle physics.
  2. I am hard at studying and then my brain starts to wander and before I know it I am on YouTube; the site that can cause any determined student to suddenly lose all concentration. And then somehow through the incredible maze of related videos I find myself at a video showing how to win a pinewood derby race with science. Little did I know that it would serve as review with plentiful information on the conservation of energy and also how both Potential and Kinetic energy affect the car. The video goes to show how potential energy, which is dependent mostly of height, is transferred into kinetic
  3. Watch this video and come back! Ill wait... Back? Okay cool! So i thought this was interesting by not only disproving some myths but showing some good scalars and vectors in the cane showing forces and the direction of the forces. It also showed some magnetism with water and ions ect ect....
  4. So back before I injured my knee I used to play hockey. I loved the sport and I was pretty good at it, nothing great but pretty good. I did however have quite the slap shot. At a camp they measured how fast using a speedometer. It clocked in at 86 miles per hour, which wasn’t too shabby for being in 8th grade. Now let’s find the acceleration of the puck. Saying that the puck stays flat on the ice for the whole distance (20m) traveled and neglecting friction and saying it takes 3 seconds to reach the net we know: Vi: 5m/s Vf: 86 mph or 38.4 m/s D: 20m A: ? T: 3 s We can use the equa
  5. I go to take a nap. I think, “This week’s is over. I made it through! I deserve this nap!†But, no. This week has one final blow to deal. Physics blogs. So I meander my way to a computer sit down and begin questioning how I am going to complete this in time. The stress builds and I feel my body heating up with anxiety and a sweat starting. Right as I am about to write about “Deflate Gate†and continue beating the dead horse of a subject this has become I realize; I AM PHYSICS. The heat! It’s internal energy. The sweat! It’s heat transfer. All of these things are physics! No
  6. Okay here's what we're going to do for a second or two. Lets turn off friction. Now if we could just turn off friction without destroying the particles and atoms pushing against one another it could be fun for a minute or two- barring no one was driving, we would all be unable to walk, stand, grab objects, drive, start cars, ect, ect. you get the idea. The reality of this though is that by deleting friction we ultimately have to stop atoms from repelling and being attracted to one another and this is a very sticky situation, actually is very very slippery. Dirt piles would turn to liquid like
  7. So I'm sitting here, pushing down on keys, listening to music and all of this is physics. Both sitting and typing are examples of newton's third law, all forces come in pairs. My fingers are hitting the keys just as hard as the keys are hitting my fingers and my butt is pushing down on the chair just as hard as the chair is pushing back on me. (Fn=Mg) Now the music is not Newton's third law, it has to do with sound waves and how the vibrations from the headphones travel through the air and are received by my ear drums and processed and understood as sounds by my brain.
  8. CoreyK

    Catastrophic Catapult

    We tried grease, the weight and friction acting against us was still too much. If I did my math right still about 450 kg
  9. CoreyK

    Bum knee physics

    So after experiencing the full force of physics during football practice and tearing my MCL I was lined up for another run with physics. Elevators. Now everyone knows that feeling when an elevator starts to go upwards you feel pushed into the ground and as it goes down you feel like you're being lifted off the ground. Well there's your physics. Now lets explain... As the elevator begins to move upwards the inertia of the person standing there wants to stay stationary so the normal force (Fn) exerted on the person standing must be increased; creating the feeling of being pushed into t
  10. Well… we tried…. These three words were the resignating theme at the end of an 8 hour day of sawing, screwing, welding and re building our catapult. At hour seven we decided that we need to make a lock for the monstrous contraption. A hand full of welds later and a spark or two down then sleeve it was all set up, ready to test and even more ready to say it was finished. The weights were set, the bar pushed up, and the pin holding it in place. It was marvelous, the seven hours of work was all worth it. With one tug on this rope the pin would come out and are creation would come to life. Y
  11. Seriously hose 22 is great!
  12. I will get my credit by indeed conquering you are both shallow and pedantic. No but seriously I share your love for both eating and sleeping.
  13. Well let's be a follower and blurt out the same information as everyone else... Here we go. My names Corey, I play football and wrestle. I plan on joining the air force and becoming either a pilot or any other cool job I find out about. I am probably the only person taking this class that thoroughly enjoys science. I'm that person who sits at home and watches through the wormhole with Morgan freeman and thinks about the world and how we've come to understand it. I am also taking so bio (why? Because I can...) and I think Mr. Fullerton is super hilarious (true, but hoping he'll read this and I
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