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Tic-Tac Trouble



I'm going to assume that you guys watch TV and have seen that Tic-Tac commercial. You know, the one where the Tic-Tac is a meteor they see through a telescope? Well for some reason, the physics of that commercial irks the snot out of me. First of all, we look through the telescope and see the Tic-Tac flying left across the screen. It is presumably in space, attaining a high enough velocity that the air resistance peels back a layer of coating. But then, it just hits the telescope right on the lens and bounces off. This is wrong for two reasons. One, if we looked through the telescope and saw something flying to the side, the only way for it to change course that much would be for a force consistently pulling it towards the telescope, but the background stars move, showing a change in perspective. GET YOUR RELATIVE MOTION RIGHT PEOPLE! The other thing that bothers me is that this little mint has achieved a breakneck velocity, enough to EMIT LIGHT, and then it just plops to the ground after hitting the telescope. That's not what would happen! It would act like a bullet, breaking right through the telescope! If you want to make a commercial, get it right gosh darn it. So basically, this is what physics has done to me. This is the sort of thing that bothers me now. Thank you physics.





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