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The Importance of a Quarterback



As i watch the Denver Broncos play the New England Patriots in the semi-finals of the road to the Super Bowl, I have realized at how important the position of the quarterback is. Inorder to be successful, the quarterback must have keen senses and know the basics of physics. When looking deep to an open receiver, the quarterback is able to subconsciously analye three main components to the throw...the angle, speed and timing (a classic example of projectile motion). The quarterback must know exactly what angle to throw the ball at in order to loft it perfectly into the path of the wide receiver. A fluctuation of a mere 5 degrees could be the difference between a touchdown and a turnover. Second is the speed. The quarterback must be able to throw the ball with enough speed to get it to the hand of the receiver without throwing it too far and over throwing the receiver. Also, if they speed it to small, the defense will easily intercept the ball and possibly score. Finally, arguably the most important aspect of throwing a deep ball is timing. If the quarterback throws the ball a second or two too early or too late, it will miss the target receiver and result in an incomplete pass. 


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