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Black holes 2



So going back to the idea of watching someone fall into a black hole, looking at all the movies, they do it wrong. In the movies, as you go into a black hole, they show your body getting ducked quickly into the hole, and sometimes they show your body stretching into it. That's not true. Actually as you approach the hole, you go slower and slower until you reach the Event Horizon, when you cross in a black hole, you can't return. Once you reach that point, your body freezes and the light coming off you turn red and then you disappear. Going back to the idea of forming a black hole, when a star goes out, it can't keep itself hot enough, it collapses to a small point called a singularity. When the star reaches a singularity, that's when a black hole is created. That's all on black holes. Tune in next time on worm holes and dumb holes


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