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The Office



The only thing to do is get right back on that horse. In an episode of The Office, the character Michael Scott attempts to prove that working in an office is just as dangerous and exciting as working with heavy machinery in the warehouse by pretending to jump off the roof of the building. Michael's plan is to jump down onto a trampoline which he believes will break his fall. However, falling from a three story building (about 9m) onto a trampoline would be far from safe. Firstly, the trampoline in question was not exactly top quality. It likely had a very low spring constant given how cheaply made it was. With Michael hitting it with about 6180 Joules of kinetic energy, the trampoline would not save him from hitting the ground. If, by chance, the trampoline did have a high enough spring constant to keep Michael from hitting the ground with enough to force to injure him, the resulting force of the spring on his body would not be much more forgiving that that of the ground. Even neglecting this aspect, the energy absorbed by the trampoline doesn't go anywhere, so it would likely send Michael flying back into the air an onto someone's car. There is no safe way to jump off of a building unless it is a really small building like the kind they make for children to play house in. Luckily, Michael Scott realized that it probably wasn't the best idea and came down from the roof via the stairs, proving once again that safety never takes a holiday.


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