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What Does Steph Think About?



Steph Curry moves to the right, plants his feet, jumps, shoots, and it's good! You here that all the time while watching a basketball game, especially while watching Steph Curry. But do you think the players know all the physics into making that perfect shot? Starting off before the shot, the footing, moving to the right or left and planting a foot to make a jump shot is how a player uses the physical forces. As a player moves to one side and plants his feet, the body coils. Springing off the floor to shoot not only is to go over the defender, but also, the upward motion of the shooter’s body transfers into a force in the shooting hand as well. Also, going into the angle, other than a slam-dunk, all shots have an upward angle. The amount of force a shooter applies is proportional to the height of the arc and the distance the ball travels. Experienced shooters, such as Steph, can change the outcome by putting more or less into a shot, by flexing or relaxing. With the footing, the jump, and the angle in mind, do you think Steph (knowing he makes a lot of shots) thinks about that every time he takes a shot? Or does he even know that's what he's doing? Tune in next time for more on the great Steph and how his magic happens.


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