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Shoot your Grade Lab, attempt 2



Our second lab was an interesting one: predict where the ball will land after one shot from a projectile launcher, and you get a 100. If you miss, its a 0. But, the whole class was involved, so the end result was a very disorganized lab. On the first shot, we measured the angle and change in Y, then the X distance and the time it took from launch to landing. This was used to calculate the resultant initial velocity of the ball. Then the angle and height of ball was changed, so we re-measured them. Using the velocity from the previous launch, the initial velocity in the Y direction could be calculated, and then the time the ball would take to hit the floor. This time, multiplied by the initial X velocity, gives the distance the target should be placed from the ball in order for it to hit. My calculations gave me an X distance of 1.99m, but since it wasn't calculated in time, I don't know what the actual distance the ball covered was. So, I hope my answer is correct, but there is no way of knowing.


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