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Catch these Hands!!!!!



So you get in a fight and your gettin ready to throw a punch, you know you gotta hit hard and ya gotta hit fast, but do you know the physics of a punch???? The physics of a punch is actually much more complicated then one may think. The arm acts as a lever while ya fist and your body deliver the power. While it is quite obvious that you can find the force using F=Ma, there's much more to it. A good punch requires the whole body, not just ya arms. By rotating your hips and legs, you can pack a much bigger punch. The rotation generates more force and by delivering the punch and driving your hand threw the target, your punch will be much more powerful. If you ever find yourself in danger and need to throw a punch, make sure you throw your whole body into it, you don't want to be catching hands, you wanna be delivering them. 

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