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The Hook Grip



The hook grip is the best way to grip a barbell for the snatch and clean and jerk movements. To perform the hook grip, the lifter must first wrap their thumb around the bar, once they have their thumb in place, they  then wrap their remaining fingers around the thumb and bar. This hook grip is much stronger than a regular grip. As the weight gets heavier, the hook will be your savior!!! The hook lessens tension in your forearms and makes it easier for you to perform the pulls and hip drives. The use of a death grip is no longer needed because of the hook grip. The grip may beat ya thumbs up a little bit and feel very uncomfortable, but with continued use of the hook grip, your hands will toughen and your PRs will soar!!!!


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Yessir... amazing how much more efficient you can be with the hook grip, even though it feels so uncomfortable and wrong when you first start using it!

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