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Breaking Your Phone with Physics



Most people today have iPhone's that have an immensely complex system of wires in them to allow them to function properly. They are filled with wires, small batteries and capacitors to allow for the story of data and basic functions on your phone. But this complex system presents a problem when faced with a magnet. If a magnet is brought closer to a phone it will cause a changing  magnetic field around the phone's wires. The change in the magnetic field will cause current to move in the direction opposing the change in the magnetic field. But doesn't the complexity of iPhone's help prevent this problem? Actually it makes it easier to destroy an iPhone with a magnet. Since magnetic fields can only affect current perpendicular to their direction, the complexity of an iPhone's circuits provide ample opportunity for the changing magnetic field to align properly with a coil of wire thereby inducing a current in your iPhone and destroying it. So next time you're near a magnet don't rub your phone up against it!



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