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To be, or not to be, me



I'd like to think I'm a pretty cool dude. Okay, maybe not. I'm maybe, like, slightly below-average coolness. That's okay though. I am a nerd, after all: I like math and science (why else would I be in Physics C?), and I'm really good at both of them too. Most of the time. I also really like video games. I'm about average at those. Maybe a tad bit better than average.

I'm taking Physics because, well, I like math and science, and I'd like a challenge this year. I also really like the discover and learn about things that I've never seen, and might never see, like galaxies billions of light years from ours, or quarks so small that they don't even know where they are exactly. I really hope to just have fun this year, and learn all I can.

I'm most excited to learn the more in-depth math and theory behind many of the topics we touched on last year, but didn't go into in detail. I really enjoy beautiful math, and I can't wait to see all of it behind Physics. As for what I'm anxious about, well, I don't really like writing. I'm not exactly looking forward to writing blog posts, but I guess I'll make do. It can't be that hard, can it?


Note: "Qwayway" comes from what, in my opinion, should be the phonetic spelling of the word "Queue." Isn't it just more fun to say?

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That is fun to say!  So, have you tried to tie together your interest in video games with math and science?  Seems like a great opportunity for a series of blog posts!

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