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Violin Blog 1: The Body



This is one of what will likely be a few violin blog posts because, well, I just love playing the violin.  One of the most important parts of a violin (or any string instrument for that matter) is the body. The body of a violin is made of wood that is curved on the top and bottom and is very thin.  A violin is very light, but the body is still strong enough to handle the tension of the strings.  The body creates a sound box for the vibrating strings, making the notes you play audible. 

I also have an electric violin.  Electric violins come in a variety of shapes and colors, unlike acoustic violins which are standard for the most part.  These violins can have such variety because the body is not so important.  In fact, some of the most expensive electric violins don't even have a body!  Mine has a bit of a frame and is blue (which is much cooler than one with no body at all in my opinion), but no hollow sound box.  The violin needs to be plugged into an amp to make sound.  When I try to play my electric violin without plugging it in, it's almost silent.  This is why a good body is so important in acoustic violins.

And here's a picture of my violin, electric violin, and my ukulele as an added bonus! :)


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Yo the electric violin is so cool! It's interesting how many different instruments can come from the same basic concept. Changing just the shape of the body can really change the sound an instrument produces.

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