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Archery: The Physics of the Bow



Woah! Erika's doing a blog post that's not music related, crazy!  Fun fact, I used to take archery, and I want to start again.  With my favorite part of the year in gym approaching, I'd like to talk about some of the physics involved in archery, specifically the bow.  The most important part is the force and energy exerted when pulling back the arrow and letting it go.  Unlike what some may think, when pulling the arrow back, you are not stretching the string. What you are actually doing is changing the shape of the bow, giving it potential energy.  This allows the bow to act as a spring.  If you do more work pulling back the arrow, more energy can be transferred to the arrow in motion.  This is why many people prefer compound bows.  The pulleys allow for the person to do more work with less physical effort.


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