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The Leidenfrost effect



I was watching this video of a man slapping a molten stream of metal. Let there be no doubt that this fiery stream was beyond glistering, the scathe of flesh and branches, such that man has never seen. Anyways it was bizarre because his hand passed through unscathed, leaving nary a mark. Perplexed, I began to think and when I could not find any bulletproof conclusions I searched the vast corners of cyberspace to discover the existence of what is called the Leidenfrost effect, there before my eyes. In short, when a liquid contacts a surface of far greater heat than its self, the outermost layer of the liquid will boil into naught but a layer of vapor, insulating the whole from heat. The man must have had some sweat or the like on the surface of his skin and when they came in contact with the hot metal the vapor formed a vapor and under the aegis he was not harmed. This phenomenon can be observed when dropping water on a hot pan, they scatter because of this vapor.


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